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Title English Version Local Version
Law Law on Metrology (O.G. n° 79/08) local.pdf
Acts / Bylaws / Decisions Regulation of the legal units of measurement (O.G. n° 22/09) local.pdf
Regulation of the legal criteria for which is mandatory verification or approval of a pattern (O.G. n° 81/09) local.pdf
Rulebook on types, shapes, and how to set the trademarks used in verifying the criteria as well as the closest form and content of the certificate of verification standards and beliefs of type approvals (O.G. n° 80/09) local.pdf
Ordinance on the terms of regular verification of legal measuring instruments (O.G. n° 86/09) local.pdf
Regulation on metrological requirements for basic clock within the telephone exchanges that are used for the calculation method of recording information about the call (O.G. n° 6/10) local.pdf
Regulations on stricter procedure and method of testing and type approval criteria (O.G. n° 10/10) local.pdf
Regulations on the extraordinary review of legal instruments in use (O.G. n° 19/11) local.pdf
Rules regarding deadlines for calibration standards used for verification of legal measuring instruments (O.G. n° 33/11) local.pdf
Ordinance on the method of determining compliance with the metrological requirements for statutory criteria (O.G. n° 4/10 & 9/13) local.pdf

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