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About CEFTA TBT Platform The CEFTA TBT Platform was established in 2014 with the objective of increasing transparency of the legislative and institutional frameworks that support the free movement of goods across the CEFTA region. It offers a unique web space where information on unnecessary technical barriers to trade as well as on quality infrastructure across the region can be found. A comprehensive record of relevant key laws and bylaws, and lists of accredited laboratories, certification and inspection bodies is available to a wide circle of users. The information is accessible in English and in local languages. Visitors are invited to take advantage of the benefits of a user-friendly search engine.

For each Parties involved, relevant Quality infrastructure information is provided:
  • - Quality Infrastructure in general
  • - Accreditation
  • - Standardisation
  • - Conformity Assessment
  • - Metrology
  • - Market Surveillance

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