Transparency Pack

CEFTA TBT Platform

Market Access Barriers Database

Human resources
Federal Administration for Inspection Affairs of BiH
Inspectorate of the Market Inspection 25 Federal market inspectors
75 cantonal market inspectors
Inspectorate of the Sanitary - Health- Pharmaceutical Inspection 18 Federal market inspectors
16 cantonal market inspectors
Inspectorate of the Technical Inspection 11 Federal market inspectors
20 cantonal market inspectors
Republika Srpska Administration for Inspection Affairs
Market Inspection 68 inspectors
86 inspectors in municipalities
Health Inspection 15 inspectors
50 inspectors in municipalities
Technical Inspection 18 inspectors
Inspectorate of Brčko District of BiH
Market Inspection 11 inspectors
Health Inspection 7 inspectors
Pre-market control For all non-food consumer products
Information concerning non compliant products
Responsible Authority Market Surveillance Agency of BiH
Exchange with Local Authorities Customs Administration
Register of non compliant products
Database for non compliant products

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