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Title English Version Local Version
Law Law on Product Safety (O.G. n° 33/06, 63/07, 24/11, 51/11 and 148/11)
Acts / Bylaws / Decisions Decree on a common framework for the marketing of products and notification of conformity assessment bodies to the European Commission (O.G. n° 56/2012) eng.pdf
Decree on the procedure for notification of technical and non-harmonised regulations, technical specifications and standards to the European Commission (O.G. n° 171/2012) eng.pdf
Law Law on Metrology (O.G. n° 55/02, 84/07, 120/09, 136/11 and 6/12) eng.pdf
Law Law on Energy (O.G. n° 16/2011) eng.pdf
Acts / Bylaws / Decisions 3 Bylaws
Law Law on Medicines and Medical Devices (O.G. n° 106/07 and 88/10)
Acts / Bylaws / Decisions 24 Bylaws
Law Law on Interoperability of Rail System (O.G. n° 17/2011) eng.pdf

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