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CEFTA TBT Platform

Market Access Barriers Database

Human resources
Staff number devoted to Market Surveillance
Market inspection 18 out of 50
Health- sanitary inspection 7 out of 41
Enviromental inspection 7 out of 14
Phytosanitary inspection 17 out of 17
Metrological inspection 1 out of 1
Inspection for electronic communication and postal services 1 out of 1
Labour inspection 9 out of 9
Electric Power Inspection 2 out of 2
Thermal energy Inspection 1 out of 1
Construction Inspection 3 out of 3
Mining inspection 1 out of 1
Housing inspection 2 out of 2
Pre-market control Yes for products relating to health & sanitary inspection
Information concerning non compliant products
Responsible Authority Market Inspection
Exchange with Local Authorities
Register of non compliant products IT system for monitoring the dangerous products involves the register of dangerous products with the system for the exchange of information (notifications) about dangerous products that are compatible with EU RAPEX
Database for non compliant products

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