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Ministries responsible for implementation of technical directive N° EU Directive Directives
Ministry of Economy 2009/142/EC Appliances burning gaseous fuels
2004/108/EC Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
95/16/EC Lifts
92/42/EEC Efficiency requirements for new hot-water boilers fired with liquid or gaseous fuels
2009/23/EC Non-automatic weighing instruments (NAWI)
2006/42/EC Machinery (MD)
97/23/EC Explosives for civil uses
2007/23/EC Pressure equipment (PED)
Ministry of Healthcare & Ministry of Economy 2009/48/EC
Safety of toys
Ministry of Healthcare 90/385/EEC Active implantable medical devices
298/79/EC In vitro diagnostic medical devices
93/42/EEC Medical devices
Ministry of Information Technology and Communications 1999/5/EC Radio Equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment and the Mutual Recognition of their Conformity (RTTE)
Ministry of Inernal Affairs (Service of Civil Protection and Exceptionale Situations) 94/9/EC Equipment explosive atmospheres (ATEX)
93/15/EEC Explosive for civil uses
89/686/EEC Personal protective equipment (PPE)
Ministry of Regional Development and Construction 93/68/EEC Construction products Regulation (CPR)
305/2001 Repeals 89/106/EEC

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* This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSC 1244 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo* declaration of independence.