The Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia has the objective to provide efficient pursuit of international trade by carrying out comprehensive and efficient procedures, preventing the entry of illegal goods into the country, as well as timely and efficient collection of customs duties.

The Customs Administration's operations based on professionalism, efficient and accountable management, competent personnel, modern systems for efficient collection of revenues, enforcement of the laws and protection of the border, as well as on the principles of transparency and accountability in the operation.   

The Customs Administration is committed to continuous development and facilitation of the procedures applying to foreign trade operations. Some of the procedures are already being carried out electronically, and the administration is aiming at introducing a system for complete electronic processing of all documents related to foreign trade operations.

The Customs Administration is using an automated system for management of customs procedures, MAKCIS. The system is installed and used in the head office of the Customs Administration, in the 5 regional customs directorates, and in more than 30 customs offices and border check points.

The system is fully operational at the locations referred to above and includes:

- 100% of the declarations are processed through ASYCUDA;
- 100% direct trade input (DTI);
- Updates of reference data (tariff, etc.) are automatically replicated from the Customs Headquarters to all operational sites in the system;
- All customs regimes, including transit and warehousing, are operational;
- All customs declarations are automatically consolidated into the Customs Headquarters' database.   

The Administration is a constituent part of the Single Window system for export/import and transit licenses and quotas - EXIM (, which has been operating since 2009.  EXIM enables applications for export, import and transit licenses to be submitted electronically by the business community, as well as it issuing of those licenses electronically by the competent government institutions. The applicants can track the status of processing of their applications through the system.