What is subjected to the Sanitary Inspection

By adopting the Law on Foods, BiH transposed the EC Regulation No. 178/2002 and created a legislative framework for the implementation of foods safety system per EU model and in accordance with the provisions of SPS Agreement of the World Trade Organization. This Law established the BiH Food Safety Agency (Agency) which is authorized for issuing of required implementation measures in the area of food safety, risk management, risk assessment and risk information.

Laws and Regulations

The system of food import and export has its framework regulation by Articles 20-23 of the Law on Food (“Official Gazette of BiH”, No. 50/04).
To date the Agency issued a number of implementation measures (which transposed appropriate EU regulations) and which deal with technical requirements for ensuring safety of food, as well as requirements of quality of certain nutritive products, as well as the Law on GMO. These regulations can be found at the web site of the Agency .

Where is the Sanitary Inspection Conducted

The importer of food shall file the request to border inspectors for examination of food shipments imported for the purpose of establishing health validity and quality. The examination of the shipment for the purpose of determining health validity and quality of food shall be conducted at border crossings or places of customs clearance of goods. The competent border inspector, for the purpose of checking health validity and quality of food being imported, has a right to sample the goods and send samples to examination to the authorized laboratories.

Special conditions for importers and exporters

At import of food that, pursuant to the regulations on food, has requirements of international verification (certificate) on health validity and quality, the shipments have to be followed by the prescribed international verification (certificate) on health validity and quality. The international verification (certificate) and other documents must be prepared in one of the official languages used in BiH as well.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a member of the Commission Codex Alimentarius as of October 22, 2007. The BiH membership is officially recorded by FAO and WHO as well as other Commission members and BiH contact point is BiH Food Safety Agency.


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