The conditions for entry into BiH, as well as state border crossing shall be regulated by: the Law on Movement and Stay of Foreigners and Asylum (“Official Gazette of BiH”, No. 29/03 and 4/04), Law on Surveillance and Control of the State Border (“Official Gazette of BiH”, No. 56/04).

The state border of Bosnia and Herzegovina can be crossed only at border crossings (determined by the Council of Ministers of BiH) with valid travel documents and at times determined for border crossing, unless otherwise defined by the agreements between BiH and neighbouring countries.

According to the Law on Movement and Stay of Foreigners and Asylum (Article 11) in order for the foreigner to enter BiH it is required:

• To possess a valid travel document;
• To possess a valid visa for entry, stay or transit through the territory of BiH or a residence permit prescribed by this Law (when necessary);
• To have funds to support oneself, for entry, stay and exit from the country including funds for health care;
• To have an entry visa of the neighbouring country travelling to or through whose territory he/she continues the travel – should such a visa be required;
• That no measure of deportation is sentenced against him/her or prohibition of entry into the territory of BiH during the period of that prohibition;
• That his/her presence in the territory of BiH does not constitute a threat to national security, rule of law and public order of BiH.

Regarding the transit of passenger motor vehicles, it is required that they meet legally defined conditions of the country the territory thereof they are entering. As far as the BiH border crossing is concerned, besides the conditions prescribed by the Law, for transit it is required to possess evidence on vehicle registration, evidence of vehicle ownership and evidence on possessing insurance for the car, valid within the BiH territory.

It shall be considered that the foreigner entered the country when he/she crossed the state border of BiH i.e. when he/she passed the location of the border control. A foreigner can cross the BiH border crossing only at border crossings open to international traffic during working hours of the border crossing. Besides that, should there be such an agreement, the citizens of a neighbouring country may cross the state border at border crossings intended for traffic between BiH and neighbouring states.

The citizens of CEFTA Agreement signatories’ countries do not require a visa to enter BiH and the citizens of Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro can cross the state border with their personal ID card alone. Foreigners which have the right to visa free entry and stay in the country shall hold the right to stay in BiH for a total duration of up to 90 days over a six-month (6) period starting from the day of the first entry, unless otherwise defined by the international agreement of decision of the Council of Ministers of BiH.