The vision
The Albanian Customs as a flexible, transparent, effective and reliable public institution, oriented towards the best experience of the customs of EU countries, protecting society from damage done by illegal international trafficking and establishing favorable conditions for business development

The mission
to ensure safety and security of market and society by applying efficient customs supervision and by developing domestic and international cooperation;
to ensure collection of taxes that are administered by the Customs;
to establish favorable conditions for business development by implementing modern working methods and creating electronic customs environment.

Priority activity fields
protection of market and society and administration of taxes;
relations with the customs environment;
organizational development.

Albania signed the following Bilateral Customs Assistance Agreements with the following countries:
Italy; Greece; Macedonia; UNMIK-un; Moldavia; Bulgaria; Slovenia; Rumania; Polony; Turkey; Croatia; Cyprus.

ASYCUDAWorld (AW) is now fully operational in the Albanian Customs Administration (ACA) headquarters (HQ) and all Customs offices (see ASYCUDA Implementation Map).

At the beginning of 2008, the Albanian Customs Department has signed with UNCTAD an agreement for the upgrade of its systems to ASYCUDAWorld, the latest web-based version of the ASYCUDA family.

The ACA AW system is implemented by the ACA Project Team, supported by UNCTAD/ASYCUDA Advisers, with an average speed of 2 (two) Customs sites/week.

In all computerized customs offices

100% declarations are processed through ASYCUDA
100% DTI
All customs regimes are implemented, including Transit and Warehousing
Customs officers are allocated for physical inspection automatically by the system
Updates of reference data (tariff etc) made in the ACA HQ are automatically available in all Customs offices
All customs declarations are automatically consolidated in the Customs HQ database